Meet Dexter

Recently I referred a new friend to this blog and realized (with some small amount of shame) that I haven’t posted an entry this year. Overall my year has been a good one. I spent a month of it in Buenos Aires, I turned 40 and perhaps more importantly, on June 25, 2011 we adopted Dexter.

It’s been about 18 years since I’ve had a puppy. I’ve forgotten how much they gnaw, bite, pee, poop, cry, whine, and beg. I’d also forgotten how fun they are to snuggle and all the attention that they get as you walk down the street.

Dexter pretending that he is a perfect puppy.

Dexter has a bit more energy than most pups I’ve known. At 14 weeks he already goes to doggie daycare (yes fellow dog owners this is early but also vet approved) mostly because he seems to need more stimulation and socialization than we can provide (how ironic that I may have a behaviorally challenged–e.g. ADHD–dog). When we pick him up from daycare the staff will usually make a comment about how “active” Dexter was during the day.

Dexter can be simultaneously frustrating and hilarious. Yesterday we had a friend over in the afternoon. I put out some baby carrots, cut peppers and ranch dressing for us to gnaw on as we chatted. After about three minutes Dexter launched himself (in ONE leap) onto the coffee table and got four good licks of Ranch dressing down before we could stop him. He KNEW he wasn’t supposed to do this and he made sure he could accomplish his little feat before he started.

Then there are times, like right now, when Dexter sleeps sweetly resting his head on my feet as he pretends that he is already the perfect pet that he will one day become.


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